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well i dunno what to do

this has been bugging me for a couple weeks:

me and my friend have slowly been getting further and further apart. (mostly because i hang out with the druggies and she hangs out with the goody-goodies.) she also has done/does some stuff that pissed/es me off.

-she dumped her boyfriend last year and now brings up how she thinks of him. it seems like she did both for attention.
-i think she lies about shit so people will pitty her. she says she used to cut herself and how she can't handle herself around knives. ok, so i've never seen any scares but i have seen her cut up food and had no trouble at all.
-she's immature
-she says i'm neglecting her but she has blown me off for her boyfriend.

anyway, the ex she broke up with last year was a friend of the guy who dumped me last year and her ex helped me get over this guy. now my and her ex and better friends then me and her. when i was hanging out with him a couple weeks ago though, he asked if he could kiss me. i said i didn't think that would bee a good idea and he back off (cause he's the sweetest guy!) well, when i told another friend of mine, she said not to tell my first friend so i didn't. now everytime she talks about how she misses him and how he loved her (so i can pitty her and give her attention) i just want to scream that he wanted to kiss me, not her, and that she's an attention hog.

i actually dont like being the center of attention but it would be nice to be able to go to a friend for help and not have them want to talk about their make believe problems.
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